Restore Hope & Dignity to Local Arizona Families

Anabel and her family at Disney Land with Mini Mouse

They were childhood sweethearts, but then he moved away. Then one day, she found Cesar online. He was in Phoenix and ready to make a life with Anabel and her kids.

To support their new family, Cesar worked as a landscaper and Anabel held yard sales with items discarded by her neighbors. But it still wasn’t enough.

Thanks to you, Anabel found Nourish Phoenix just in time.

She remembers the warm smiles of the volunteers. And how they made sure she left not only with fresh food, but also with diapers and a stroller.

Because of you, Nourish Phoenix was able to shift our work last year so that we could safely deliver food, clothing, and other essentials to folks like Anabel.

That was a huge comfort to parents stressed by lost paychecks and mounting debt. In fact, Anabel calls Nourish Phoenix her refuge.

“When you give, without expecting something in return, blessings come back to you.” That’s the lesson Anabel says she learned at Nourish Phoenix.

So when Anabel got a job as a hotel housekeeper last year, she vowed to “repay the favor.” She started connecting people who needed jobs with the hotel’s staffing agency. The agency soon realized Anabel had a great eye for talent — and they offered her a full-time recruiter position.

Now Anabel looks forward to the day when she can become a Nourish Phoenix donor to help other families in need …

Local families like hers are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. Your generous gift today will them recover and thrive. Thank you!

Nourish PHX is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in the State of Arizona. Our tax ID# is 86-0401223. All gifts are tax-deductible and Arizona charitable tax credit eligible (QCO Code: 20385) to the full extent of the law.

If you have questions about donating online, please email or call 602-775-5743.